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Useful Statistics About Customer Satisfaction

Over the years, we have researched and compiled statistics on the importance of customer satisfaction and retention and its impact on the bottom line. Below is a collection of some of the most interesting statistics we have come across to date.

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Customer Satisfaction

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The Importance of Conducting A Customer Survey
When it comes to learning about a company’s client base, there is rarely anything more effective than a customer satisfaction survey. For decades, these surveys have given customers a chance to voice their concerns and sing the praises of companies they deal with...
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Customer Loyalty & Testimonials
The best way to find out about your customers and their loyalty levels, while collecting strong testimonials, is to ask. It's that simple ...
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Using Client Feedback To Build Your Business
Too many businesses have a strong irrational fear of finding out what their customer is really thinking. (Call it “feedbackophobia”). That fear causes them to stay away from getting customer feedback. But businesses that are truly customer-focused need to know what their customers like, what they want, and where they are going ...
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Six Steps in Conducting a Successful Customer Survey
Businesses survive because they have customers who are willing to buy their product or service. However, many times businesses fail to "check in" with their customers to determine whether they are happy or not and what it will take to make or keep them happy ... Read Article.

'Tis the Season For Great Feedback
Too often, we forget that clients can offer us a wealth of knowledge about our business - perspective on products and services, insight about what is important to your target audience and how they make decisions, as well as viewpoints on how your business compares with competitors ... Read Article.

To Improve Your Service & Generate New Business...
Although helpful at any point, timely market research will yield many and in the future ... Read Article.

How To Have Happy Customers, Great Testimonials And Increased Sales
New employees can be a reliable source of information for a company. Most companies ignore the wealth of information that they are likely to bring from their previous experiences ... Read Article.

A Simple Concept with a Huge Impact
While so much attention is focused on growing your customer list, what is often overlooked is that your current customer base is your best source of additional revenue ... Read Article.


Online Consumer Survey: What It Can Do For You
The online consumer survey has become a very popular tool for marketers. A rapidly growing internet population has opened the floodgates, giving easy access to target samples that researchers could never have dreamt of reaching in the earlier days ... Read Article.


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